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We transform
Financial Services 

The Financial Services industry is undergoing radical change. Emerging Technologies, Regulatory Pressure, Changing Customer Behaviour and New market entrants are all reshaping the industry. The winners will be the players who can successfully adapt to the new rules of the game. 


Cidestra assists with transforming providers of Financial Services so they can successfully compete in this rapidly changing market landscape while ensuring sustainability.


We transform
Financial Services
through expertise
and intelligent collaboration

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Leaders with
niche expertise 

Cidestra is one of the leading management consulting firms specialised in Financial Services in the Nordic Region. 

We provide deep insights into the most critical disruptive forces within Financial Services: Emerging Technologies, Regulations and Changing Customer Behaviour.

By combining these insights with industry expertise and strong innovation and transformation skills, we help our clients to be in the forefront of the market development while ensuring sustainability.

Services that creates impact

We help Financial Services firms to transform their business, reshape strategies, adapt to new regulations, innovate new services,  as well as develop new business and operating models.

We offer a wide range of management consulting services for banks, insurance companies, wealth managers, FinTechs and emerging market players.

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